About sticky notes

Sticky Notes is an Odoo app that allows you to add stickers to any form view to always remember important information.

There is no need to stick notes all around your computer or working space, everything is done right inside Odoo.

Sticky notes support HTML tags. You can make text, or part of the text bold, write in italics, or add a link.

Sticky notes are an efficient way to attract your attention. You will be able to:

Add a note in any document form view

Customize your note

Create a note for yourself or everyone

Easy to add, edit, or delete

Managing sticky notes

Managing sticky notes is very easy. You can add a sticky note right after creating a document. 

How to create a sticky note: 

1. Go to any document form 

2. Click the 'Pin' icon in the header of the form 

3. Choose the color 

4. Write your note 

5. Edit the note the way you like 

6. Press the button 'Save&Close' 

It is possible to make the note text bold, italics, underline it, choose font size and color, make lists, tick and cross items in your list. You can also add photos or links to your notes.

How to edit sticky notes: 

1. Go to any document form 

2. Click the 'Pin' icon in the top right corner of the note you want to edit 

3. Change anything the way you like (Type '/' sign to call the additional tools panel) 

4. Press the button 'Save&Close'

How to delete sticky notes: 

1. Go to any document form 

2. Click the 'Cross' icon on the note you want to delete

Any user may access a view with all sticky notes available for him/her. The available notes for the user are the ones he/she has created and all notes with the attribute 'shared' (see Sharing Sticky Notes). 

The entry for the view is located in user preferences. To open it, click on your name in the top right corner and choose 'My profile' or 'Preferences' depending on the apps installed. On the tab 'Preferences' find the button 'Sticky Notes'. It will lead to the kanban view of notes which might be also switched to a simple list view.

Interfaces examples

Pin a sticky note to any Odoo document. It might be contacts, users or employees, opportunities or tasks, sale orders or requests for quotations, delivery orders or invoices, so on and so on.

Add a note to contacts, to add some information about the client, for example, his or her delivery preferences.

Add a note to sale orders, in order to contact the client to confirm details.

Add a note to inventory, to buy some missing products.

Add a note to invoices, to state that they require further discussion.

Add a note to events, to remember inviting your loyal clients.

Sharing sticky notes

By default stickers are private. They are designed for personal use. But if you want you can share a note with other document users. Just check the box 'Share Note' to make it public.

You can't share your notes with particular users or user groups.