The missing piece of your Odoo apps' puzzle

Odoo is a perfectly integrated ERP system. However, even top-quality apps require extensions and improvements. faOtools are the 100+ modules to cope with specific software deficiencies. Since 2012 hundreds of real end users worldwide have profoundly tested the solutions. Severe but fair judges - acting companies - challenge the apps in order they are continuously enhanced. Find your Odoo app or challenge us to implement a new feature 

Published Odoo apps
5-stars reviews in the Odoo store
 Odoo development experience

Approved by real users

The tools are result of deep communication with end Odoo users who apply the solutions to production environments

Compatible with core Odoo apps

Our modules complement Odoo philosophy and do not contradict existing features

Ready to use out-of-box

The apps are designed to cover real cases scenarios, and might be used immediately after installation in your Odoo

Free live previews

We provide demo databases for the most of the tools in order you can check the features before purchasing

Individual customization

Any app might be extended to fulfill individual needs. The customization team develops solutions of any complexity for a reasonable price 

Continuous development 

We do not stop working on tools after a release. Based on feedback and advanced testing the team regularly prepares fixes and enriches the apps with new features