Google Drive Odoo Integration

Google Drive Odoo Integration is an optional extension to the module Cloud Storage Solutions. You can read the full documentation by the link.

Google Drive Odoo Integration is an add-on to integrate Google Drive features into your Odoo business workflow. The app automatically stores Odoo attachments in Google Drive, and provides instant access to them via web links. In such a way users work with files comfortably in the cloud storage, while the results are fully available in Odoo.

The main features required for the integration process are introduced by the core module Cloud Storage Solutions.

Cloud Storage Solutions is an Odoo app to organize attachments, manage folders' trees and synchronize Odoo with the cloud storage solution(s) of your choice. The app introduces automatic algorithms to prepare directories for documents and integrate those with workflows of  Google Drive, OneDrive/SharePoint,  Nextcloud/ownCloud, and  DropBox.

Decide which Odoo document types should have their own folder trees. Flexibly create folder rules. Any Odoo model can be chosen.

Manage folders and attachments from a single view. Conveniently navigate through them. Search and download files one by one or in a batch.

Organize files of any Odoo object in a set of subfolders. Instantly access folders and files in the attachment box and in synced cloud interfaces. 

The module allows preparing directories and sending them to the cloud clients of your choice (Google Drive, OneDrive/SharePoint,  Nextcloud/ownCloud, and  DropBox). Have as many connections as you need. A separate add-on for each client is required.

Rely on auto-synchronization between Odoo and cloud solutions based on scheduled jobs. No manual interaction is required.  

Control sync logs right in Odoo. Export and share those in case of any issues. Be notified of any client disconnections.

Set up rules to prepare folders based on Odoo Enterprise workspaces (). All features, including sharing, downloading, and signing, would work even after sync.

Files Manager Interface

Automatic regular sync

Multi synchronization

Bilateral sync