Universal Appointments: Sales v.17

The extension to the Universal Appointments app to link appointments and sale orders

398€ 358€

The price is valid till August, 15 (according to the promo campaign July-August 2024).
The price already includes all necessary dependencies = 0€ (own price) + 398 358€ (Universal Appointments and Time Reservations) .
Current version:

This is an extension to the tool Universal Appointments and Time Reservations. Read the full description of the features and optional modules on the core module page.

Sale orders and appointments

  • The app lets you link appointments and sale orders. There are 4 configuration options
  • Sent sale orders: if chosen, a sent quotation would be prepared based on the reservation
  • Confirmed sale orders: if chosen, an Odoo sale order would be created as soon as a reservation is scheduled. The method is suitable if your service is standard, while final sale positions and details would hardly be modified after the appointment. For example, fixed-price hair cutting
  • Draft quotations: if chosen, only a quotation in the state 'Draft' would be prepared. In this way, you have more flexibility in updating an order during service provision or beforehand. For example, if you wanted to add extra complementaries or provide individual discounts
  • Manual orders: if chosen, managers have to create quotations while providing service. The method might be applicable when actual sale lines become clear only during the visit itself. For example, a mobile phone repair business assumes initial diagnostics and only after the price is offered
  • Until an appointment sale order is not confirmed, you can update that from a reservation form. Both service, quantity, and complementary products are re-calculated in this case

Service pricing

  • The tool allows configuring the pricing method per each resource type
  • Per planned duration: Odoo quotations are created based on initial reservation plans. For example, it might be suitable for car rental or massage
  • Per units: sale orders consider appointments for the same price disregarding their duration. For example, standard haircutting or tire mounting is invoiced the same disregarding how much time they actually take
  • Per tracked (real) duration (the extension Universal Appointments: Time Tracking is required): invoice actual time spent on service. For example, the approach is suitable for consultation or legal services
  • Prices are price list dependent. Thus, an Odoo manager might select individual conditions during scheduling. In this way, it is possible to apply various currencies, discounts, promos

Complementaries and upselling

  • When a customer finishes scheduling, it is a good moment to increase a bill by offering complementary products. The tool has built-in features for that
  • Odoo may show the popup wist suggested products for backend managers immediately after reserving a time slot
  • The popup allows both adding one or a few complementaries or merely missing the step if suggested products are not required
  • The feature might be turned on/off on the configuration page. The popup would be shown only in case there are complementaries defined for a booked service
  • Chosen complementaries would be added to a quotation/sales order during its automatic creation or adaptation from the reservation page.
Appointment and Odoo sale order relation
Appointment services and complementaries to be sold

Odoo demonstration databases (live previews)

For this app, we might provide a free personalized demo database.

No phone number or credit card is required to contact us: only a short email sign up which does not take more than 30 seconds.

By your request, we will prepare an individual live preview database, where you would be able to apply any tests and check assumptions for 14 days.

Bug reporting

In case you have faced any bugs or inconsistent behavior, do not hesitate to contact us. We guarantee to provide fixes within 60 days after the purchase, while even after this period we are strongly interested to improve our tools.

No phone number or credit card is required to contact us: only a short email sign up which does not take more than 30 seconds.

Please include in your request as many details as possible: screenshots, Odoo server logs, a full description of how to reproduce your problem, and so on. Usually, it takes a few business days to prepare a working plan for an issue (if a bug is confirmed) or provide you with guidelines on what should be done (otherwise).

Public features requests and module ideas (free development)

We are strongly motivated to improve our tools and would be grateful for any sort of feedback. In case your requirements are of public use and might be efficiently implemented, the team would include those in our to-do list.

Such a to-do list is processed on a regular basis and does not assume extra fees. Although we cannot promise deadlines and final design, it might be a good way to get desired features without investments and risks.

No phone number or credit card is required to contact us: only a short email sign up which does not take more than 30 seconds.

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