Low Sales Report v.14

The tool to control poorly performing products


The tool does not require extra dependencies beside standard Odoo apps.
Current version:


When product catalog is wide enough, you would inevitably face the situation when certain products are sold badly. Due to potential keeping and marketing costs, that items should be under regular control. This is an Odoo tool to reveal poorly performing goods in a few clicks.

Own criteria of low sales

Apply the level in absolute quantity sold (in a product default units of measure) or use the revenue level (in a default company currency). If you left zero in levels, only totally not sold products would be reflected

Any period for reports

Generate low sales report per any period you like: for the last 3 months, for a week before New Year, by all historical data, for exact 327 days. Set a default period and default criteria on the configuration page

Template and specific variants

Work with sales for product templates in general or for specific product variants. In the former case all template variants' sales are taken into account

Focused analysis

Shrink analysis for sales of definite product categories, sales teams, or a certain country

Odoo pivot and Excel table

Work with the report in a way you like: in Odoo or as an Excel table

Low sales managers

Grant the right for report for any sales user (the group Other > Low Sales Report). To start analysis it is needed to push the menu entry Sales > Reporting > Low Sales Report. Be cautious: all sales of a current company will be under consideration.

Low sales report wizard
Odoo low sales report pivot view
Open the sales report in Excel
Default values to generate an Odoo sales report

Typical use cases

  • To amend minimum stock rules: there are no reasons to keep many of underperfoming products
  • To stop sales and archive products: revenues are less than costs
  • To adapt marketing campaigns and promotions: there is a need to boost sales if you still consider a product perspective
  • To decrease price if margins let do so
  • To stop providing under demanded services with high absolute costs.

Configuration and Installation Tips for Low Sales Report Odoo v.14

Python dependency

To provide the feature of Excel table generation, install the Python library xlsxwriter:

pip3 install xlsxwriter

Odoo demonstration databases (live previews)

For this app we might provide a free personalized demo database.

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By your request we will prepare an individual live preview database, where you would be able to apply any tests and to check assumptions during 14 days.

Bug reporting

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Public features request and module ideas (free development)

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