Website URL shortener v.13

The tool to assign and manage short URLs for Odoo website links

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The price is valid till August, 15 (according to the promo campaign July-August 2024).
The tool does not require extra dependencies beside standard Odoo apps.
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URL shortening is a well-known methodology to cope with too long and ugly looking web addresses. The app introduces this technique in Odoo by allowing website editors to manually or automatically generate, control, and administrate short URLs for any Odoo web links.

Branded links

Introduce memorable and human-readable URLs of the type '/s/[token]' for any Odoo website address. What is preferable to share: or,4,47?

Automatic or custom URLs

Configure the rules for automatic creation of short URLs based on iterator and token (for example, /s/12 and /s/rh72ko) or apply own key words (for example, /s/desk, /s/best-chairs).

Multi channels control

Have as many short links for a single address as it needed for various purposes. Share one in Facebook, another - in Twitter, and a special one - for specific partners. Then, count redirects for each source.

Comfortable administration

Use URL shortener right while customizing website or in Odoo advanced backend. Make a link soon expired or forever-lasting. Update token at any moment or archive a link if it is not any more valid.

Website snippet

The app introduces especial website snippet which might be added to any Odoo website inner content. Such snippet would find or create a short URL right when a visitor opens a page.

Available for scripts and custom add-ons

Developers might use the app to find or create a short URL for a target website address by applying a single Python method.

Odoo URL shortener from website

URL shortener administration

To manage short URLs a user should belong to the group 'Website Editor'. Short link website snippet, however, would be available for any visitor.

Website interface for short URLs

  • To start managing short links click on Customize > Short URLs from any page
  • The app would automatically retrieve a target web address with all search and hash parameters from a browser. Change this redirect URL if needed: available short links would be recalculated
  • Create new short links based on default token or custom key words. Archive obsolete URLs
  • Update existing addresses: change token, assign expiration date, apply to this website or to all sites (the app fully supports Odoo multi website mode)
  • Copy a short URL to clipboard in a single click.

Advanced backend links' editor

  • Find all short links by all websites under the menu Websites > Settings > Short URLs
  • Group by website or target URL (there might be multiple short links for each). Archive or restore links in batch
  • Create a new short URL in a few seconds: the only thing required is to introduce a target web address
  • Apply flexible settings: validity date to make a link auto expired, notes to always know why this URL has been introduced, website to restrict usage for a specific site or to use a link globally.
URL shortener: website customziation
Odoo website customization: short links

Automatic short URLs generation

  • It is not always possible to prepare a branded URL for each address. For example, when you have thousands of website pages. For such cases define a default automatic method
  • Use 'iterator' to generate a link with succeeding number at the end. For instance, ''. The app would automatically increment a number when a new short URL is registered
  • Use 'token' approach to generate a unique symbols' row of a predefined length (it should not be less than 5 symbols to have enough unique combinations). For instance, ''
  • A default short URL would be entered as soon as you decide to create a new redirection. Simultaneously, you can always change that to a custom sentence or create a new alternative short URL. Do that for the most important addresses, addresses you would like to print on your business cards, addresses which are assumed to entered manually, etc.
Settings for short urls
Odoo URL shortener tokens
Incrementing number for short links

Short URLs for developers

Using short URLs in scripts

  • While developing a custom add-on, script, or server action you might be interested to have a short URL for certain website addresses. The tool let do that efficiently
  • To that end you should trigger the method 'action_find_surl' of the model 'short.url.redirect'
  • As arguments it should receive:
    target_url - string - full path of web address. E.g. "/shop/customizable-desk-config-9#attr=7,4,47)"
    tocreate - boolean - whether to create a new short URL if none exists for target URL
    alwaysvalid - boolean - whether to search short URLs without expiration or yet valid but soon expired links are also fine
    website_id -integer - if False the app would search only global URLs, otherwise also of a specific website (applicable for mutli website mode)
  • The method would return a string - a found short URL (e.g. '/s/desk') - or False if nothing is found.
  • For instance: my_short_url = self.env["short.url.redirect"],action_find_surl("/shop/customizable-desk-config-9#attr=7,4,47", True, True, 1)

Website Snippet for auto short links

  • The website menu 'Customize' and the backend menu 'Short URLs' are available only for Odoo website designers. For certain pages you might be interested to show a short link for simple visitors as well
  • To that end you might drag and drop the special website editor snippet 'Short URLs'. Alternatively add an xml line the tag a with the href "#" and the class "short_url_widget"
  • Each time a page with such snippet is opened, a short URL would be searched and - if not found - created. In such a way, you may show a visitor a valid short URL, which he/she might copy and share
  • Take into account: the snippet searches only for always valid global short URLs.
URL shortener: website snippet
Short link to share

Frequently Asked Questions about Website URL shortener Odoo v.13

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Bug reporting

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Public features requests and module ideas (free development)

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No phone number or credit card is required to contact us: only a short email sign up which does not take more than 30 seconds.

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