Product Search Bundle v.10

The fastest possible tool to select products in Sales, Purchases, WMS and Invoicing

284€ 278€

The price already includes all necessary dependencies = 0€ (own price) + 9€ (Invoice Lines Screening) + 9€ (Product Screening) + 0€ (Product Search Available Stocks) + 9€ (Purchase Screening) + 9€ (Stock Items Screening) + 191€ (Product Search Core) + 38 32€ (Stocks by Locations) + 19€ (Page Dynamic Title) + 0€ (Product Accessories & Alternatives) .
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You always face serious troubles to pick up products in Odoo. Quick search results are too big to make a decision. Advanced search leads to zero results, and it is uncomfortable due to slowdowns and oversaturated interfaces. This app is the solution to those troubles and it is the fastest tool to easily find and select products among broad list of goods. The app presents a bundle of modules used in a few functional areas. Observe the details or purchase the app separately for each area

It is simple to use: a few clicks to achieve viable results

It is a source of all details: individual prices, suppliers, descriptions, stocks by locations

It is the fastest possible: it takes a few seconds to find the only required among thousands of product variants

It is flexibly configurable: as search criteria you use any and only necessary attributes and custom fields

It motivates to upsell: accessories and alternatives are always at hand

Bug reporting

In case you have faced any bugs or inconsistent behavior, do not hesitate to contact us. We guarantee to provide fixes within 60 days after the purchase, while even after this period we are strongly interested to improve our tools.

No phone number or credit card is required to contact us: only a short email sign up which does not take more than 30 seconds.

Please include in your request as many details as possible: screenshots, Odoo server logs, a full description of how to reproduce your problem, and so on. Usually, it takes a few business days to prepare a working plan for an issue (if a bug is confirmed) or provide you with guidelines on what should be done (otherwise).

Public features requests and module ideas (free development)

We are strongly motivated to improve our tools and would be grateful for any sort of feedback. In case your requirements are of public use and might be efficiently implemented, the team would include those in our to-do list.

Such a to-do list is processed on a regular basis and does not assume extra fees. Although we cannot promise deadlines and final design, it might be a good way to get desired features without investments and risks.

No phone number or credit card is required to contact us: only a short email sign up which does not take more than 30 seconds.

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